Paperless offices by default. 

“The paperless office, only exists on paper” is a popular phrase within the RedTree team. It illustrates the fact that critical enterprise information is not exclusively available in digital form. It exists in many formats and resides in many locations.

Within these formats, paper is still an important information carrier. As the digital enterprise and the new way of working is all about online collaboration and automating business processes, this information needs to be captured in order to consistently manage it within your digital information governance program. 

What is content capture? From archiving to document processing & management

Paper processing is still a big challenge for many organizations. This  challenge is present in both archive scanning as the ongoing business operations. We help organisations to cope with that challenge, by implementing and integrating software that is capable of processing and recognising large volumes of documents. 

Content capture is not only about scanning.

Content capture covers not only the scanning of content, residing on paper. It covers the capturing process of content in all its forms: speech, online forms,... It is also possible to process and categorize the captured content, transforming unstructured content to structured content.