Content is not rarely stuck in formats that hamper content managers to easily publish it to various channels. Web administrators need to rewrite this content for publication on a website or through a mobile application. This shouldn’t be the case. By using content enhancement techniques we can overcome this issue. 

Rich Content & Semantics 

Content should be structurally rich and semantically enabled: "what content is required, by whom in what circumstances and what is the relationship with other content?"

RedTree has a team of ECM specialists that helps with content modeling, content structuring and building taxonomies. By tagging and structuring content, we prepare it for optimal discovery (search) and reuse (publishing).

Structure, tags & linked data principles. 

If you believe that tagging and structuring is a manual task and an oversized investment, think again. At RedTree, we developed an integrated toolbox to automatically classify your content, based on defined taxonomy. Linked Data principles can be applied and modeled into an ECM strategy, resulting in an resourceful set of enterprise linked data. Thanks to these kind of technical innovations, we put big data practices into action and enhance large volumes of content efficiently.