Content Management in a siloed environment? 

Without meaningful content that supports products, services and business processes, an organization would find it hard to exist in a sustainable manner.

Organizations today struggle with unifying this content into one central environment. Business units, authors or workgroups, tend to keep their content in content silo’s and manage the distribution through isolated communication channels. If silos hinder the flow of information, the organization is unable to function effectively or respond rapidly to threats and opportunities.

Integrated content management for cost-efficient information recycling 

It is our vision to create, together with our customer, a central content management layer where all exisiting tools can hook on and from where each piece of content is managed and distributed. We are implementing this vision not by building from scratch, but by integrating existing elements in the IT landscape.

Information reuse is one of the most underestimated cost- and efficiency saver, when implementing a central content management platform.