RedTree, part of the Cronos Group, specializes in providing Open Source Enterprise Content Management solutions to a broad range or organisations. Pieter Ardinois, Founder & Managing Director of RedTree: “Our decision to choose Liferay as one of the important products in our portfolio 3 years ago really pays off for our customers and ourselves. Both in terms of functionality, quality and TCO we deliver our customers with Liferay the best solution in the market.”

Liferay is a leader and visionary not in the last place because the Liferay platform fully equipped for the multi-screen and multi-device world. Liferay offers the most complete and robust portal platform.

Liferay’s Business Development Manager, Koen van Dillen: “Partners are essential in our model, they implement projects with and for our Liferay customers. I am really pleased to be able to reward the dedication, commitment, quality and professionalism by RedTree with this platinum partner status. In the Belgian market we see great adoption of Liferay’s Enterprise solution thanks to our partners.”

A Liferay certified Service Partner like RedTree provides the expertise customers needs.  RedTree has a strong focus on a limited amount of open source products. Liferay in turn is committed to the long-term success of our partners and customers.

RedTree celebrates Liferay Platinum Partnership at Devcon.

Devcon is Liferay’s 2-day Developer Conference. The conference takes place in Germany on October 7 through 8 in Darmstadt, Germany.

A great opportunity for RedTree to further expand their Liferay expertise and apply fresh knowledge to their current and future projects. To celebrate their Platinum Partnership status, they’ll go full force to Devcon. It’s the best way to grow knowledge and skills while having fun with the open source community.