IDEWE, one of the largest OHSP’s, was looking for a solution to digitize and personalize its communication with customers. One of the tools and main assets that was used by IDEWE was a paper file with documents. That file holds different sets of regulatory notes, test specifications and results, advices and meeting notes. Customers and IDEWE team members were collaborating intensively on these documents. RedTree’s mission was to define a solution and technical architecture that would replace the paperworks with an online portal and collaboration platform.

IDEWE Group offers tailor-made health and safety services. The IDEWE Group has over 700 qualified staff, and operates from nine regional offices (Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Leuven, Mechelen, Wallonia, Roeselare and Turnhout) with one central head office (Heverlee-Leuven). The IDEWE Group now supports 35,000 employers and 600,000 employees in establishing a safe working environment.

The IDEWE Group consists of IDEWE vzw and IBEVE vzw. IDEWE vzw, formerly known as an occupational health service, is the largest external service for health and safety at work in Belgium with territorial accreditation for the whole country (accreditation number SEXTD8). Its sister company IBEVE vzw offers services in the fields of safety coordination, occupational safety, environmental services, energy management and industrial hygiene. IBEVE provides prevention services in fields which are not legally covered by an external service.



  • We designed and developed a customer portal for +30.000 users.
  • We defined a solution architecture with Liferay and Alfresco as core components.
  • We integrated different backoffice applications.
  • Valamis (e-learning plugin) was part of the implementation.
  • We designed and implemented a collaboration suite for IDEWE employees.
Reference case screenshot

Idewe Collaboration platform

Business story

The organization


The IDEWE Group wishes to contribute to the physical and psychological integrety of the citizen and to prevent damage to its living and working environment. In this way, the IDEWE Group wishes to have an important social added value by contributing to the higher employability of the adult population, reducing the losses for the employer and society, improving the working environment and personal development of each individual and employee and controling the variuous forms of environmental damage.

The challenge

Our mission

In 2014, IDEWE was looking for a tool for its customers and employees. They defined it as a portal with a threefold mission: 

  • Administrative simplification.
  • Create an internal multidisciplinary service approach.
  • Maintaining a dynamic relationship between the customer and IDEWE.

The Audience

The targeted audience for this portal was identified as: 

  • IDEWE customer; HR professionals, Management, Business owners of SME's
  • employee of IDEWE: Occupational Health personnel, engineers, administration
  • employee of the customer: Not specified.


RedTree was granted with this mission and defined its strategy as follows:

  • Limit the toolset and make better use of existing tools.
  • Integrate the existing applications into a central platform.
  • Coach the content team in order to understand and work with dynamic content.
The solution

Limit the toolset.

One of the key principles in our implementation strategy and roadmap was to limit the toolset for the business users and customers. As they already had to use various applications for various tasks, we proposed to develop a framework and user interface where there is room for integration. The left pane of the user interface is holding links to different functionality and content, coming from different sources (manage personnel, calendar with bookings from IDEWE, team, personal records, invoice overview).

This portal aims to be the single point of entry for customers and employees collaboration.

Content Targeting

The kind of services and advices that IDEWE is providing to its customers is tailor made and specific for various verticals and company types. IDEWE classifies its customers in several segments and company types. The principle of  ‘tailor-made’ advice is built in the customer portal as well. The customer portal, intended for a population of 36000 customers has a news section that is targeted at the several segments and compnay types. 

Content editors are able to organise news and messages, following the classification of IDEWE. 


The customer portal is not only a platform to consume content. It is a collaboration tool where customers can interact with IDEWE and work on documents and forms that were provided in the context of IDEWE’s service for that customer.

The notification centre alerts users and customers when there is new content available to work on or to read.

Filtering Content

In order to avoid scenarios where a customer gets overloaded with too much new information, we implemented a content filter mechanism. This allows users to filter trough the available content. Filters are based on the content model that is configured.


Search is one of the cornerstones of this implementation. The search index, based on Solr and fed with a managed taxonomy in SKOS, is crawling both the content repository and the portal content. 

Manage and Share documents with colleagues

Desktops and, if really necessary, a server were the preferred locations to store documents. Collaborating on documents existed in mailing and calling about a document or topic. We wanted to create an environment where users could store and share documents without the need to mail around. The ‘my documents’ area is the ‘Google Drive’ of IDEWE. Users can create a document and share it directly with a customer and/or a colleague. The advantage of this approach is that the entered content is directly indexed and classified, without user interaction. As these documents are centrally stored and the content is being indexed immediately, colleagues can identify these documents through search. Rather than the need to know who is working on a certain topic, employees can discover new knowledge immediately.

Technical story

IDEWE technical drawing


This implementation, following our vision on ECM, is a powerful platform that enables digital collaboration on several levels (internal collaboration, collaboration with customers). We will gradually expand its feature set with a notifications framework, BPM and a customer onboarding suite. We will elaborate on several topics of this overview in future posts.