The Events and Media Industry might by considered atypical when thinking about Enterprise Content Management. Our experience in this sector is focused on digital asset management, content services and data engineering.

Digital Asset Management.

Digital Asset Management is the practice of managing and governing media files such as images, sound bytes, animations and videos. These type of files are commonly defined as digital assets. DAM can be seen as a sub practice of enterprise content management. However for Media and Event industry those type of files are core business.

The typical activities of content classification, governing processes and publication are present, but not solely based on interpretation of text. Image and audio classification is a technical different and sometimes more complex activity in this domain.

Content Services

Content Services is since the death of ECM a hot topic. Our projects in this sector the last years contained several examples of how content services might be defined. 

Some examples are:

  • Integrating ticketing engines into public websites
  • Implementing enterprise search technologies alongside CMS implementations
  • Integrating public data services like into a CMS.

Data Engineering

Our data engineering team was responsible for architecting a closed loop marketing automation platform, based on open source components.

We are able to gather insights of customers who visit websites and portals, based on their behaviour and personalise their online experience on those insights.