Acitiviti is a workflow and BPM Platform targeted at business people, developers and admininstrators. Its core is a super-fast open-source workflow engine in Java that can execute business processes described in BPMN 2.0

Activiti offers a graphical step based editor, that enables the creation of process models.

Alfresco Activiti provides two integrated process modelling applications.

The Step Editor easily guides the business user through the process of designing new models, while the graphical BPMN editor is designed to support the needs of the more dedicated BPM analyst.

Process Apps allow users to group and share packages of related business processes and associated forms (for example all the processes associated with a department or business unit).

Connections into many online 'File Sync and Share' service allow content to be aggregated and captured as part of a business process.

Online analytics provide insight into business processes. Look for bottle necks and identify process inefficiencies to allow optimisation of critical business processes.