Valamis is an award-winning, open-source Learning Experience Platform. It is currently being used by corporations, government agencies, universities, and other organizations to facilitate learning and improve performance.

Valamis is used to create private environments with online lessons for instructors and trainers to succeed in their learning goals. Whether your teaching style focuses on formal, informal or social environments, Valamis effectively tracks and stores all learning experiences. The value of collecting these experiences lies on enabling instructors to easily identify learning gaps and quantify improvements.

Our technology is responsive to different sizes of screen, will track online and offline experiences and supports the most popular learning standards (Experience API and SCORM). Additionally, our highly customizable features allow you to adjust the environment to match your branding, so your eLearning really feels like yours.

Fresh approach to learning

Training and education are going through many changes. It has been shown that having the learner focus on the processes of finding, understanding and applying information in the real-world is much more effective to learning than the traditional course-based situations, where learners have to memorize given information.

Valamis provides you with best tools to react to the ever-changing world of learning. Valamis also supports phenomenon-based learning through our Knowledge Map feature.

Valamis is a valuable teaching instrument to all types of organizations. It provides you with the right technology to offer engaging learning experiences. It enables the learning process to be flexible, measurable and safe. We also understand that training and education keeps advancing and we provide you with everything you need to stay ahead of competition.